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The «KAZADILET CONSULT» company, possessing a staff of highly skilled team of accountants able to do business client companies, as well as modern technological tools has the ability to provide services for accounting outsourcing
Accounting outsourcing services can be provided in the form of complex accounting services, as well as in the form of services for the implementation of certain operations accounting for customers.

Accounting services are both within client companies and remote office of the «KAZADILET CONSULT»  Company/
Accounting Outsourcing Services of the «KAZADILET CONSULT» Company help to reduce the cost of accounting services client companies to 30-50% (including taxes on wages and rent workplace).

Competent and qualified accounting service allows our clients to prevent mistakes at all stages of the activities of client companies when accounting.

Accounting Outsourcing Services of the «KAZADILET CONSULT» Company used by more than 30 customers conducting business in various sectors of business.

1. The development and updating of accounting policies - The «KAZADILET CONSULT» company ensure the development of accounting policies of client companies, taking into account all the details of their activities and the presence of the need to adjust the current accounting policies of its customers adjusted.

• Development of accounting policies of your organization that meets the requirements of current legislation, tax registration;

• Analysis and correction of the existing accounting policies;

• execution together with activities to integrate and automate, etc .;

• submission of recommendations to improve the accounting and tax accounting and reporting of the company.


2. Accounting - the company controls the completeness and accuracy of accounting compilation and processing of the primary documentation, a reflection of all business transactions in accounting and taxation using the software:

• accounting records;

• accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets;

• inventory records;

• consideration of the lease;

• cost accounting for long-term production, the construction of assets;

• Accounting for Investments and exchange;

• records of income and expenses.


3. Preparation, submission of all forms of accounting and tax reporting - our specialists will provide formation, control of accounting and tax reporting compliance with the legislation, as well as submission of financial and tax reporting to authorized state bodies.

• analysis of data on VAT, CIT, property tax, income tax, etc .;

• preparation of declarations under the VAT, CIT, PIT property tax, land transport, on board for environmental pollution, etc .;

• payment of individual income tax, obligatory pension contributions and social security contributions;

• calculation of current tax payments on the property, transport, land tax;

• verification of the accuracy of calculation of tax payments;

• Preparation of the balance of payments to the National Bank;

• Preparation and submission of statistical reports.


4. Payroll, accrued taxes and other obligatory payments - the company's specialists will ensure the timely and full support of the activities of client companies payroll, vacation pay, severance package, their employees and related taxes and mandatory payments.

• registration of advance reports, control of media accountability;

• Payroll, vacation, temporary disability benefits, compensation and other payments to employees of client companies;

• Formation of settlement and payroll, payroll for the issuance of wage statements for transfer of wages to the bank card accounts of employees;

• registration card accounts to employees of client companies;

• payment and transfer of mandatory pension contributions, social security contributions for each employee client companies;

• Preparation of certificates of income of an individual;

• registration of travel documents.


5. Consulting on accounting, taxation and office - experts of the «KAZADILET CONSULT» Company provide customers with advice and operational assistance in the implementation of the recommendations presented on the accounting and tax accounting and reporting arising in the course of activity of clients.

• consultations on 1C;

• Taxation and Customs Union;

• labor discipline, etc.


6. Accounting and currency operations - control over the operations associated with the transfer of ownership and other rights to currency valuables, as well as their use as a means of payment. Import, transfer and translation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the export, transfer and translation of the Republic of Kazakhstan of currency values, currency, securities and payment documents with face value expressed in national currency, with no par value of the securities issued by residents.

• operations on purchase - sale of foreign currency;

• cash transactions in foreign currency;

• consideration of foreign currency in special accounts;

• accounting currency used for foreign travel;

• consideration of foreign currency loans, etc.


7. Analysis with contractors, monitoring of receivables and payables - monitoring and implementation of the settlement of contracts and other obligations of the client companies, registration of acts of mutual holding reconciliations with counterparties.

• registration of acts of mutual holding reconciliations with counterparties;

• preparation and dispatch of letters to counterparties (in terms of payments);

• an inventory of accounts payable and receivable;

• issuance, registration of powers of attorney, logging records issued power of attorney;

• analysis of doubtful receivables and payables;

• Provision.


8. Financial analysis - providing information about the financial condition of the company, the internal financial reporting, consolidation and sharing of data accounting and management.

• Analysis of revenue;

• Analysis of the operating system and TMC. Provision for non-liquid goods and materials;

• Planning Organization (budget) gains, losses and cash flow, budget variance analysis of actual data.


9. Monitoring of accounting records - the company carries out the development and maintenance of registers of accounting and taxation.

• maintaining a register of received invoices issued;

• maintaining accounting and tax accounting.


10. Restoration of accounting and tax accounting – the «KAZADILET CONSULT» Company offers a recovery service accounting and tax records, the need for which may arise due to the lack of reflection in the financial statements of accounting operations, the loss of primary documents, improper preparation of tax returns and others.


• diagnosis of the current state of the accounting of your company, identify existing problems and make recommendations for their elimination;

• tax calculation, reconciliation with tax authorities on debt and filing amended tax returns, providing explanations;

• analysis of the correctness of accounting transactions and errors in accounting.

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