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HR outsourcing of the «KAZADILET CONSULT» company - is a guarantee of a competent, professional and competent work of personnel services, prevention of violations of the labor laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, fines, litigation, audits by the public authorities in the sphere of labor and tax laws

What gives the HR outsourcing, represents the «KAZADILET CONSULT » company:

- Cost savings. The cost of human resources outsourcing is lower than the cost of building its own staff units and staff maintenance workers of a particular field of activity. HR outsourcing reduces costs for payment of taxes and obligatory payments to the budget with salaries of employees, it has no need to invest in additional office equipment, office supplies, specialized licensed software;

- A permanent trouble-free operation. HR outsourcing allows you to maintain staffing smoothly and stops, while the absence of a staff member in connection with the finding in the labor holiday, temporary disability (being on sick leave) or due to unforeseen circumstances may result in a malfunction of management and accounting personnel issues;

- Flexibility in the management of staff. You do not have to recruit new staff when expanding or reducing the number of employees;

- Guaranteed quality of service. Selection of competent personnel - a long and difficult task. The «KAZADILET CONSULT» company already has a staff team of high-class specialists and has extensive experience in the field of HR outsourcing

The HR outsourcing services include:

HR administration, accounting and personnel documentation - «KAZADILET CONSULT» company carried out the preparation and maintenance of internal documents of the customer in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulating the issues of personnel records and determine the internal labor regulations of the organization (for example, the development of work rules and wages, labor protection regulations, the employer acts (orders, instructions, etc.) for the reception, transportation, dismissal of personnel, labor contracts, additional agreements thereto, the agreement on termination of the employment contract, agreements on full collective and individual material responsibility, job descriptions and other personnel documents, filling out personal cards, the institution required to maintain a record of magazines and other necessary personnel documents for each employee), registration and storage (monitoring) of the personnel documentation of the employer at the office of the «KAZADILET CONSULT» company (by agreement with the employer).

Keeping payroll records and payroll - full and proper implementation of design documentation related to salary (drafting settlement and payroll tax returns. The calculation of taxes on personal income, etc.), taking into account all the legal niceties, when calculation of allowances or benefits, pension and social deductions in different work situations, all the taxes, benefits, social security contributions, registration of certificates of income, etc. Services payroll can be provided separately or in a package of services in HR administration and accounting.

HR audit - the «KAZADILET CONSULT» company carried out an audit of documents employers on personnel record keeping requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on labor issues, based on the audit is the analysis and recommendations for updating the internal documents of the employer, and is working to bring the personnel documents for compliance with applicable laws and internal documents of the employer.

Recovery HR administration (documentation) and personnel records - «KAZADILET CONSULT» company helps to restore the lost human documents required by the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to restore and establish procedures for personnel records. The «KAZADILET CONSULT» company offers the restoration of necessary human documents, such as: staffing, orders, reflecting labor function is already working for the company employees, employment contracts, journals, personnel records and payroll, etc., on the basis of the company and accrued wages.

Representing the company on personnel issues - the provision of advisory support and a full range of services in representing the interests of employers on personnel matters, including representation of interests in the relations, labor disputes, inspection and other situations arising from the company's employees, government bodies, institutions (local executive bodies, courts, etc.), legal entities and individuals

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